Lionstel  Italian Knife Factory,  I make for they the knife design

Corporazione Italiana Coltellinai Italian Knifemaker Corporation

Santino Ballestra knifemaker

Francesco Pachý knifemaker

AISCA Associazione Italiana per la Salvaguardia del Coltello d'Arte

Mariani Sandro knifemaker

Bagatella Marco part-time knifemaker

Brisa Knifemaker Supplies

Flavio Poratelli part-time knifemaker

Blades International Great magazine online


 Best Italian Collectionable knives site

Aceros de Hispania. Knives, pocket knives, swords, sabers and airguns made artesan in Spain by Muela, Aitor, Nieto,Laurona, Bermejo, Expˇsito, Gladius and Gamo.


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