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Inteframe in anodized titanium

Liner-lock knife 6,5 inches overall, RWL 34 blade , 60-61 hrc hardness, teflon washers on pivot screw, ball detent , liner in two monoblocks of titanium with inserted liner spring, abalone inlaid.


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The same of that above but amboina burl handle and abalone inlaid



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Small Skinner

Liner-lock of small dimensions less 5 inches overall 440 stailess steel blade 58Hrc hardness teflon washers on pivot screw, titanium liners and ball detent,one-hand opening facilitated by blade hole, blond buffalo handle.



More 9 inches overall Ats34 blade, micarta handle.


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Antique regional italian knife spring without lock, 12 inches overall 440/c blade buff horn handle.


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Liner-lock in military style less 8 inches overall with blade in ats34 , assembled with a registabile pivot on ring of teflon with mechanism of containment to sphere and liner in titanium, all the knife is assembled with screw and can totally make apart, carbon fiber handle.



Little Spring

Simple spring knife without lock,more 4 inches Damascus steel, handle ivory for this little jewel


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